Some words about MELANGE

One of the privileges of an institution is to enjoy the liberty of exchanging ideas, expanding knowledge and showcasing talents. Over the years, MELANGE has flaunted the peaks of beatitude and surpassed the levels of excellence. The journey has been a rollercoaster ride with colorful milestones decorating the path. At this juncture, Loyola International School, announce their annual fest, MELANGE 2K18.

  • Theme - This year’s theme is dedicated to colours in order to set a benchmark for an outstanding plethora of events. The colourful theme shall spread the essence of happiness, highlighting the importance of colors in everyone’s life. The fest is a sort of enormous rainbow of every possible colour you could imagine. With opportunities setting the ground for healthy competition, the onset of preparations is looking forward to great performances.
  • About - MELANGE is an abode of affectionate literary, specialized technical, edifying cultural, dexterous fine arts and frolic sports events. There’s a bunch of entertaining informal events that will leave you dumbfounded. There's a wide variety of events in the three-day extravaganza, to keep you lost in this grandeur.
  • Motive - Thus, MELANGE 2k18, is packed with more pomp and show to build an aroma of positivity in the town. It is a silent knock of golden opportunities for all youngsters to gear up themselves and portray their best in different spheres, making the entire fest more thrilling. Amongst the mob of thousands of cosmopolitan youth gathered under one roof, it’s time for you to shine. Let yourself flow to the fun-loaded three-day extravaganza and experience the best!

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