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Office : 0522-2323733, 9415520273

Estd. 1998 ( A CBSE Affiliated Co-Ed Institution)



It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Loyola International School community. This is a school...     read more


Here's to all my dear ones: those who have already moved out to see this world, those who are preparing...     read more

Our Vision

To come together and co-exist as a community of compasssionate beings, living life with courage & conviction: thus, making the world a more beautiful place to live in.

Our Mission

To enable students to bloom as free thinkers and achievers, to encourage children to be inquisitive, life-long learners, to keep on absorbing everything good they come across, to push beyond boundaries and explore the world as globally-informed citizens.


Loyola International School believes in promoting free and rational thinking to optimise the potential of the students in all fields. We believe in inculcating environment-consciousness and encouraging a holistic approach.

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Why Us?

  • We know emotional, mental, and moral well-being is important and work to create it in our students
  • We know that neglecting and abusing Nature can cause havoc. We try to sensitise our students and encourage them to restore it.
  • We know the importance of basics and teach practical life skills, at the same time helping students to identify their interests and turn them into passions.
  • We believe in the creed of our guiding light, St. Ignatius of Loyola: "Laugh, and Grow." Like him we believe that "Love is more expressed in deeds than in words." So Prem and Seva are our guidelines in all matters.


Fizza Qadri | 99.2
Diya Talwar | 96.4
Vaibhavi Pandey | 96.4
Aditi Singh | 95.4
Tanishka Mahendru | 94.8

My Story

SO, let us begin at the beginning-- in the beginning there was a school, just hatched, blinking its eyes in the morning sun, and thinking about what kind of a place it ought to be. It thought, and then thought some more, and finally decided that it would be a superb idea to be an exclusive, sticking-its-tongue-at-tradition kind of school for kids: For kids are nicer, and kinder and more caring and more fun than adults. So the school pulled up its socks, tightened its belt and got down to serious business. What, said the school to itself, should I gift my kids that would be unique and extraordinary and one- of “its-kind"

Cultural Exchange

Begun in Aug , 2011 , this cultural exchange programme has grown into an eagerly awaited annual event. Till date around 25 countries have become a part of this initiative & we're ready to host more.